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Magnetic Blanket and the healing properties of magnetic therapy. Why not try a less conventional means of therapy you may be pleasantly surprised to discover the healing benefits of magnetic therapy. Natural, Organic and Homeopathic Remedies seem to have taken on a life of their own in today’s society and that is why we have chosen to add a good supply of each to our on-line store.

You will find a number of Homeopathic and Natural Remedies such as acupuncture items and acupressure. We carry a selection of organic products that are good for both you and our environment. You will finds products dealing with Hypnosis and Subliminal Healing as well.

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Magnetic Blanket

Magnetic Blanket Therapy – Creating Magnetic Blankets For The Needy

A new program that will provide a Magnetic Blanket to the needy with each purchase of patchwork quilts donated by others. This inspiring movement commemorates President Obama’s message of unity and responsibility for our fellow Americans as outlined in the Inaugural Address.

Produce warm and comfort to the less fortunate and share your talent for an excellent cause. These quilts are offered in 3 sizes, as a throw, a queen, or a king sized, with ornamental pillows and shams conjointly available. The quilt is composed of 13 completely different fabrics, of various sizes and shapes, representing the range and returning along of Americans in crisis.

When you design and donate your personal creation it is sold as a part of our American history and the proceeds are used to purchase a magnetic blanket which offers natural healing properties to the less fortunate. An image of art, these quilts have an attractive warm patchwork on one side, with the January twentieth 2009 Inaugural Speech featured on the rear along with a flag and lady liberty design. The patchwork quilt is an American ┬átradition of thrift, practicality, and strength. As such, it’s the perfect vehicle for showing the robust caring nature of our country.

Magnetic Blanket – Share You Love of Your Hobby To Help The Needy

It’s straightforward to be a part of the answer, treasure your own lovely quilt, and facilitate others with no extra cost. Along together with your quilt you may receive an easily recognizable car magnet to show your support for the Magnetic Blanket program. The feeling of helping others and helping to spread the word is as nice as wrapping up in your beautiful creation.

Purchasing the quilts for yourself or as a thoughtful gift for a loved one or to send along with the therapeutic magnetic blanket that will go to help a needy family or homeless individual.

Watch for the opportunity to affix in and support the President and 1st Lady’s message of compassion. Just sort of a patchwork quilt, your little piece is important to the entire pattern of unity and brotherhood. Together we will give one million of these quilts along with a magnetic blanket to the needy and share your love.

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